Everyday Saints

Everyday Saints book - by Archimandrite Tikhon

This is a collection of blog articles based on my humble reflection on the wonderful book “Everyday Saints” By Archimandrite Tikhon. You can find more information about the actual book here.


 01. Finding faith in uncommon places and people

02. Faith is not an escape, but seeking growth and strength

03. Finding God in the midst of our delusions

04. Obedience in the labors of faith

05. Seeking God’s Treasure instead of the world

06. Seeking elders and saints in our midst

07. The mystery of God’s Will and our humility

08. Everyday saints – a geriatric nurse in Japan

09. Prayerful strength in God’s Grace

10. Joyful renunciation of the world

11. Seeing the saints in “difficult” people

12. God’s profound wonderworking in plain sight

13. Devotion to prayers long and short

14. Fragrance and the Kingdom of Heaven

15. Stern elders for our spiritual journeys

16. Accepting our lot with faith and prayers

17. Wise as serpents and innocent as doves

18. May God gift us with a good and prayerful rest

19. Treasure the gift of God’s redemption

20. Theology and prayers unto God

21. Intercessory prayers before God

22. Greatest Liturgy in the humblest place

23. Crosses carved deep within us

24. God chooses us. Do we choose God?

25. We fight against evil things seen, and unseen

26. Seriousness of the monastic vows

27. We cannot serve two masters – let us choose God

28. Nurturing the novice in all of us always

29. Love is simple – speak it simply to God

30. Death to the world and fortifying our faith