18. May God gift us with a good and prayerful rest

There are just those days when our bodies, hearts, minds and spirits are exhausted, utterly exhausted. And we take a short break from the reflecting on the book today.

We of the world labor away, sometimes drowning in heaps of work, like little guinea pigs on a treadmill. Some of us do not forget our prayers of the heart, and can pray at least between the cracks of time, or the blessed ones, pray unceasingly.

Many of us however, do desire a little rest, so that we can harness enough breaths to carry on. We ask our Lord for peace, and a little rest (Psalm 4:8).

The world has become unnecessarily complex, with technology being both an enabler and a great distraction.

The great contemporary elder and saint, Blessed Paisios of Mount Athos, once taught about living and feeling blessed in the simple life, especially one patterned after the monastic journey.

It is no wonder we consider the monks as angels among us, for they lead a blessed life of simplicity, labor, and unceasing prayer. While we are not in a monastery, we can model our lives as much as possible to be simple, to be hardworking, and to be prayerful. And whenever we can, think of God and rest in Him (St Matthew 11:28-30), for we are taught to seek FIRST His Kingdom (St Matthew 6:33).

Beloved, let us pray:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

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