Sign of the Cross

The sign of the Cross is a prayer.

Make the sign of the Cross regularly to acknowledge the presence of our Lord. This signifies Christ’s suffering, Crucifixion and Resurrection for our salvation. This reminds us that we are called to follow in the steps of Christ. This helps us bear our sorrows and deprivations in His name. This keeps the image of the Cross in front of us. This helps gain strength against our battle with the devil. This keeps in mind the glory of Christ in the Second Coming which is preceded by the sign of the Cross in the sky.

We make the sign on our selves by touching our thumb and first two fingers together, symbolizing the Holy Trinity. We tuck the last two fingers in the palm of our hand symbolizing the two natures of Christ: Fully human and and fully divine. Then we start with our forehead moving our hand down to the waist, then to the right shoulder and then to the left. Some of us close the prayer by bringing the hand to the heart. We can say “Glory be to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit” as we make the sign on our bodies, or some other short prayer.

This is a very simple way to make a prayer anytime during the day. Whenever you are feeling distraught, stop and make the sign of the Cross. Make it before you have your meal. Make it in Church whenever there is reference to the Holy Trinity, Christ, Theotokos, a saint, or loved one. Make it anytime and it will bring you back to the remembrance of God so that the Holy Spirit can help you.